High grown

(over 5,000FT)

roasted & packed

in ontario


  • We ne­go­ti­ate di­rectly with farm­ers 

  • We al­ways pay well-above mar­ket price

  • We travel to many cof­fee re­gions to visit the farm­ers and se­lect those that have the best prac­tise on the process of grow­ing cof­fee 

  • We want to show our cus­tomer who we are deal­ing with so they can know the places and fam­i­lies be­hind a ex­cep­tional cup of one of the best cof­fee in the world.

  • We only bring into the market the best coffee beans produced by a unique farm from different regions in Colombia 

  • We are very pleased to work with traditional families that had been growing coffee for many years and had the expertise to produce one of the best coffees in the world.

  • Colombian coffee is well know all over the world as one of the best and we bring into the market the beans that always meets the quality needed for the consumers who enjoy a EXCELLENT CUP OF  COFFEE.

Specialty Coffee

Is define as coffee from a know geographic origin, that has a premium value above commercial grade coffee due to its high quality in the cup and to particular attributes it possesses

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